Fig + Yarrow Complexion Water Yarrow/Immortelle/Rockrose Facial Mist (30ml)


Fig + Yarrow COMPLEXION WATER are reparative, balancing, toning and aromatherapeutic skin hydrating mists made with certified organic floral distillates and pure essential oils. {YARROW/IMMORTELLE/ROCKROSE} is a prized and precious blend of reparative botanicals particularly beneficial for sun-damaged, youth-depleted and fundamentally troubled skin. yarrow essential oil (safety note: avoid during pregnancy and with sensitive skin), immortelle essential oil, rock rose essential oil. Uses : Mend, Regenerate and Heal, plump cells with hydration and increase cell turnover to smoothe appearance of fine lines, soothe blemished, traumatized and troubled skin, tone, hydrate and renrew after-sun and throughout the day ,tone and condition skin post-shave,assist skin maladies including: dermatitis, eczema, burns, wounds, scars, stretch marks and premature wrinkles. Direction : To mist over cleansed skin before application of FACIAL SERUM and YARROW BUTTER, or preferred serum/moisturizer. may be used head-to-toe for exceptional face, hair, and full body hydration and aromatherapeutic benefits; enhancing beauty and sensuality without and within.


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