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The first ever all-in-one teeth and oral care breath spray, T-SPRAY is a revolutionary cosmetic teeth spray with multi-functional capabilities. It forms a protective film of Calcium ions with IPC technology to strengthen and remineralize the enamel that shields your teeth from being stained by your daily cup of coffee, tea or candy.

More importantly, T-SPRAY is FDA Approved for your reassurance. These little pods of freshness are free from alcohol, dyes, artificial sweeteners and propellant. T-Spray™ Light features glycerin and xylitol to keep your mouth fresh, friendly and moisturized.

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  • Anti-bacterial test effective
  • The amount of calcium in the mouth increased by six times
  • Tooth plaque test effective
  • Dentist recommended
  • Passed SGS-s.Mutans antibacterial effect test
  • Passed USP-51 quality safety test without added chemical preservative

Instructions : Better to use after meals and before sleep.

  1. Spray onto teeth and use tongue to massage on teeth and gum to enhance the cleaning experience, avoid pigmentation and teeth sensitivity.
  2. Spray onto both sides of the teeth rolls where bacteria is easily developed, making T-SPRAY more effective on dental health.
  3.  Bad mouth comes from not only teeth and gum, but also from tongue and throat ; you are advised to apply T-SPRAY by spraying onto teeth, gum, tongue and throat.

Who should use T-SPRAY ?

Everyone is advised to use T-SPRAY with dental floss, inter-dental brush, and tooth brushing to reach best results.

T-SPRAY also provides teeth cleaning and gum care for those who wear dental braces.

Suitable for all ages.

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